Vacuum Cooling Eco Range

Vacuum Cooling Eco Range

Vacuum Cooling

8 – 20 minutes cooling cycles




Up to 67% more energy efficient than cold storage



Up to 4 x the shelf life

vacuum cooling



Brand New Eco Range


  • Energy efficient
  • Less CO2 Emissions
  • Easier to maintain
  • Remote monitoring
  • Less waste
  • Longer Shelf life




Made in Britain



The worlds most energy efficient vacuum coolers?

  • At ICL we are passionate about Innovation
  • The worlds most energy efficient vacuum cooler
  • Successfully collaborated with The University of Exeter to develop their new “ECO RANGE” vacuum cooler.
  • Smart control system to optimise performance
  • Inverter driven components




Fully Automatic

  • Fully automatic vacuum cooling
  • Single push of a button to start each cooling cycle
  • Auto conveyors
  • Auto doors
  • Auto draw bridge
  • Auto weigh scale




1 Pallet – 24 pallet capacity




We have a solution for you!

Our range of vacuum coolers are made to suit any size operation. Our design team will custom build your vacuum cooler to your production requirements and budget.

  • From a single pallet capacity to 24 pallet capacity
  • Fully auto or fully manual
  • Energy saving regardless of budget



World wide delivery



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