Vacuum Cooler Upgrades & Alterations

Upgrade your Vacuum Cooler


vacuum cooler upgrades

Vacuum cooler upgrades

With farms changing and expanding all the time you may be looking for some upgrades or alterations for your Vacuum Cooler. Our team of experts here at ICL have combined experience of over 55 years in manufacturing and servicing vacuum coolers.

Our engineers have extensive knowledge in installing, repairing, upgrading and maintaining Vacuum Coolers so whatever you need, we can do it!

Some of the works we regularly complete:

  • Vessel extension e.g 4 pallet extended to 6 pallet
  •  Add/ replace vacuum pumps to the system
  • Add/ Replace refrigeration components
  • Change gas to modern alternatives
  • Add safety features e.g beacons, alarms, e – stops etc..
  • Add conveyor systems
  • Upgrade the door gear
  • Upgrade draw bridges
  • Replace Door Seal
  • Replace oil mist eliminators inside vacuum pumps


6 Pallet vacuum cooler

Vessel manufacture

This customers vessel was not able to continue after 20 years of corrosion from being open to the elements. ICL removed the vessel and re built a replacement that will now last another 35 yers +. Using the existing refrigeration systems and vacuum system the works where complete within 8 weeks just on time for the start of the season….



HydroVac Upgrade

This customer wanted to re introduce water to his product at the end of the cycle.

We added a solenoid close controlled water system to this vacuum Cooler that introduces 1% of the water content removed during the vacuum cycle. This system was programmed into the PLC of the vacuum cooler working 100% automatically within the vacuum cycle.


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If you need help planning an upgrade or alteration for your Vacuum Cooler please call or email us:

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