Vacuum Cooler Installation

Installation of a Vacuum Cooling system

vacuum cooler installation

vacuum cooler installation


With a broad range of Vacuum Cooling products and solutions that can be adapted to meet all of our customer’s needs, the team here at ICL handle every aspect of the procedure from design, installation and commissioning. We also provide a maintenance plan once the installation is complete.

ICL provide brand new Vacuum Cooling and Vacuum Pump installations for a large range of farms across the globe, we can provide both standard and custom-built Vacuum Cooling systems that are crafted to each customers’ needs, for the ultimate Vacuum Cooling installation.

If you require any of our Vacuum Cooling or Vacuum Pump installation services please visit our CONTACT US page and give us a call.

Make sure you visit our Vacuum Cooling benefits page to see how your products shelf life can be greatly enhanced by using a Vacuum Cooler.