Vacuum Cooler Sirius 3RT1 3 Pole Contactor, 9 A, 4 kW, 110 V ac Coil



Vacuum Cooler Contactors – 3RT10 Range

The Siemens 3RT10 Range of Vacuum Cooler Contactors will provide excellent reliability and are of extremely good quality.

Various NO/NC models available.
Maximum switching voltage 690V
Mechanical life 3 x 107 operations

Key Characteristics
Size DC coil AC coil (Sealed/Inrush) Height (mm) Width (mm) Depth (mm)
S00 3.2W 4.6/ 27VA 57.5 45 100.5
S0 5.4W 7.8/ 61VA 80 45 90
S2 (15kW) 11.5W 11/ 90VA 105 55 115
S2 (18 & 22kW) 11.5W 13.5/ 127VA 105 55 130
S3 (30kW) 15W 21/ 218VA 140 70 140
S3 (37 & 45kW) 15W 22/ 270VA 140 70 152.5




IEC947, VDE0660, EN60947

Siemens Sirius Vacuum Cooling Range Contactor & Control Relays

Siemens control gear for feeders up to 5.5kW. The complementary nature of the devices allows fast and simple assembly, for example, of motor starters and reversers. A perfect match between contactors, overloads, circuit breakers and accessories for the same power ratings provides a uniform panel appearance and the standard widths with no side-by-side mounting derating allows for space saving.


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