ICL make waves at Worlds 1st International Cooling Congress

On April 18 and 19, the University of Birmingham brought together over 100  cooling and energy efficiency decision-makers and experts to discuss the urgent topic of how to meet our global demand for cooling sustainability and build cooperation to find ways to provide access to affordable and sustainable cooling solutions for all.

The world’s first ‘clean cold’ conference was opened with a double keynote addressed by Sir David Kind, Chair of the Regional Energy Policy Commission and former Special Representative for Climate Change UK and Pawanexh Kohli, Chief advisor and CEO for the National Centre for Cold-chain Development in India.

Congress attendees, had also the opportunity to listen to the opening remarks of Ian Crosby, Head of Cooling For All, an initiative created by Sustainable Energy for All and the Kigali Cooling Efficiency Programme.

Clean Cooling has the potential to advance three internationally agreed goals simultaneously: the Paris Climate Agreement, the Sustainable Developmental Goals and the Montreal protocol’s Kigali Amendment. Therefore, and as stated during this pioneering congress, clean cooling has the potential to address effectively poverty, reduce food loss, improve citizens general well-being, raise energy efficiency, manage our national resources and support sustainable cities and communities while fighting climate change.

Professor Toby Peters, chairman of the coolingEU Academic Mirror Group and one of the ambassadors and minds behind the organization of the event, together with Professor Martin Freer, underlined that ‘The growth of artificial cooling is already having a major environmental impact; left unchecked it could be responsible for more than 13% of total global emissions by 2030. This is an urgent crisis. We need to work together to progress how we provide sustainable affordable cooling services to all. Not just technologies but also new business models, policy, skills, capacity building and training which will be required.’


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